What careers are avaliable that require an extensive knowledge of mathematical logic?

Russian_Sherlock_Holmes_1Besides Computer Engineering / Computer Science, of course. Naturally, this is a Quora question once again.

As a good example, any profession that involves data analysis, processing or modeling, requires a solid knowledge of mathematical logic. By solid knowledge I mean finishing at least one semester course on formal logic at a university.

The reason for this is that data is represented to us as numbers, and studying numbers is governed by mathematics. Numbers belong to mathematics, they were born within mathematics. And any type of work in maths requires decent understanding of formal logic.

Therefore, not only careers in Computer Science, but also careers in data science, machine learning, quantitative finance, economics or meteorology all demand having a good knowledge of logic.

Additionally, formal logic is instrumental in any profession that requires Sherlock Holmes-level deduction and argumentation on the basis of facts. This includes lawyers and criminal investigators. They do have courses on formal logic in some of the better institutes.

Just having a good common sense can’t fully replace a course in formal logic. Since the times of the Russell or Zermelo paradoxes, it was understood that the so-called naive logic (based on unformalized common sense and the naive set theory) is self-contradictory. Good understanding of basics of formal logic prevents you from running into paradoxes in your debates.



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