Monthly Archives: June 2015

Presentations and Media updates

Just started populating the media section of my website with slides of my presentations, publishable project materials, photos and videos of my lectures and talks. I will be uploading new materials as soon as I would be able to obtain relevant permissions.

As I still regularly use blackboards for my talks and lectures, parts of some presentations did not make into slides or other digital media. I also gave a number of talks that were blackboard-only, very old school of me.

Bear in mind that I also enjoy cracking a joke or two during most of the presentations. Of course, these jokes and stories are all witty, appropriate and on topic 🙂 , but they do not make it into the slides. Therefore, slides can appear a little dry and they can never fully capture a presentation or a lecture.

A video + the slides combination works much better, but only some of the talks were professionally recorded on camera, and not all of these videos could be posted on the web (not because of age restrictions, of course 🙂 ; most of the videos are copyrighted or contain discussions of sensitive data).

Therefore, the best way to enjoy these slides is still to attend one of my talks in person. Now I can sleep well, knowing that the newest technology is still unable to outperform me in some of my professional activities 🙂

Meanwhile, slides, pictures and videos will be getting uploaded to the Media area.