This page will be updated with my presentation slides, publishable project materials, and videos of lectures and talks that I gave, as soon as I would be able to obtain relevant permissions.

As I still regularly use blackboards for my talks and lectures, parts of some presentations did not make into slides or other digital media. I also gave a number of talks that were blackboard-only, very old school.

Bear in mind that I also enjoy cracking a joke or two during most of the presentations. Of course, these jokes and stories are all witty, appropriate and on topic, but they do not make it into the slides. Therefore, slides can appear a little dry and they can never fully capture a presentation or a lecture.



The Barcelona Conference on Asymptotic Statistics (BAS2008).

Mikhail Langovoy Barcelona 2008

Mikhail Langovoy among the participants of the Barcelona Conference on Asymptotic Statistics 2008

I was a fresh Ph.D. and greatly enjoyed having a travel grant from the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica. Great memories from both the city of Barcelona and the Bellaterra Campus where we stayed with a number of prominent statisticians.

This is the conference abstract that won me a place among the participants and the travel grant. And these are my talk slides.



The good old times: Ph. D. defense.

The Institute for Mathematical Stochastics of the University of Göttingen has a particularly grueling Ph. D. defense procedure. You get a committee of 6 Professors, of whom exactly two must be from pure Mathematics, another two from Applied Mathematics, and the last two must be from the Stochastics area.

You hold an open talk on your Ph. D. thesis, so anybody can enter and ask you questions on your research. This pleasure lasts 90 minutes. If you fail during your presentation, it is all over. If you are successful in defending your research results, you have to immediately proceed to a 90 minutes examination on both Statistics and Probability Theory.

During this exam, you are staying near the blackboard in front of the committee. They throw questions at you, and you have to write your answers on the board right away. This lasts until the time runs out. After that, you leave the room, and the committee decides whether you pass or fail, and whether you should get any distinction for your work or your knowledge.

If you succeed, all your friends are happy, and you are treated like the King of the City for this one sweet day. Göttingen is famous for celebrating academic achievements big time, in medieval traditions. But this is another story, that requires a (carefully selected) set of pictures.

For now, I post here a massive set of my Ph. D. defense presentation slides.