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O-1 Visa

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

O-1 is a nonimmigrant visa for individuals who possess extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.



Max Planck Society Grant “Statistical learning theory for autonomous systems”

External grant for funding an independent research group on “Statistical learning theory for autonomous systems”. My proposal won in an open call for group leader positions.



Research funding for academic visits and international conferences


Received extra funding for short-term academic visits, international conferences, and for increasing the impact of research.

2014 – 2015


Paper selected as book Chapter in Springer Volume

International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Analysis (ICMLDA’14)

Quite competitive: in 2012, only 1 out of more than 17 papers were selected (49 out of 839), in 2013 only 1 per more than 12 articles.



Paper invited to Special Issue

International Journal of Computer Science


Max Planck Research Fellowship


Grants for academic visits and international conferences

EURANDOM and the TU/e

Received extra funding for 2 short-term academic visits and 4 international conferences.

2008 – 2010


Featured in highlights of achievements of EURANDOM

EURANDOM, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, TU/e

My results were selected as a highlight of achievements of the European research center EURANDOM in the field of Statistics, and included in the center’s Annual Report for 2008.



CRM Barcelona Conference Grant

Centre de Recerca Matemàtica

Conference travel grant from the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, Barcelona, to give a talk at the Barcelona Conference on Asymptotic Statistics 2008



Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics

Research program “Complex Stochastic Systems: Discrete vs Continuous

2007 – 2008


Research Scholarship for Ph.D. studies

German Research Foundation

2004 – 2007

Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty, Saint Petersburg State University

1996 – 2002

The Anichkov Litsei International Conference Prize


Winner of Olympiads in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Chemistry

Between 1989 and 2002, participated in over 50 Olympiads and competitions in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Regional History and Geography, and Russian Language, including Olympiads for students, and ranging from a local and up to an international level. Won or medalled in most of the competitions.

1989 – 2002